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Digital Marketing Mauritius

Digital Marketing Mauritius

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Digital Marketing is slowly but surely growing in Mauritius from specialist agencies to full-service digital marketing agencies. There is a large palette of digital marketing agencies to choose from in Mauritius. Choose a digital marketing agency that provides services that include consulting and management options for a variety of online marketing tactics including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media, eCommerce, and conversion rate optimization (CRO), and more. It is advised to also include expert web design and development services for both eCommerce and B2B companies. Don’t just partner with any digital marketing agency; always work with a company you can trust.

Here are a few services which you should look for while looking into digital marketing in Mauritius


· Whether you are looking for an information website or an eCommerce site


· It all starts with a solid digital marketing strategy for your brand


· If you do not know what this means, do not hesitate to ask for a demo as a good drop shipping solution is important


· On-Page & Off-Page SEO including link building is definitely a game-changer


· Always invest in an agency that excel in Google Ads & Social Media Ads


· Social Media is the gateway to your website so make sure that your business profile is regularly updated on social media and that your visitors are engaged

It is more and more obvious that digital marketing in Mauritius is gaining ground and has demonstrated many advantages over traditional marketing. Firstly, digital marketing tools are more affordable than traditional marketing ones. For example, an email marketing or social media campaign can send an email or message about products or a special offer to customers for a small fraction of the cost of a traditional print campaign and can also possibly reach a wider and better-targeted audience.

Another advantage of digital marketing is that it gives the opportunity to brands and companies to motivate their customers to go on their websites, read about their services or products, analyze and rate them, make their purchases, and give instant feedback which is visible to the target audience. This helps to increase the prospects of the company. unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing enables a company to see what is working and what is not working for the company in almost real-time. The company can instantly make the necessary changes to improve its results. For example, a company can use Google Analytics to measure traffic to its website and to know how many people are visiting the website, reading, and purchasing their products. Moreover, with regard to marketing research, a major benefit of carrying out surveys through digital means, is that it is easy to track and monitor results. As such, instead of doing expensive traditional market surveys, companies can rapidly have a look at the response rates and evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns and allowing them to rectify their plans for future campaigns

In Mauritius, businesses that choose digital marketing to promote their products and services can achieve the right balance between customer engagement and content. Once they have established the right digital marketing strategy, they can use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ to interact with customers who are interested in the products and services. Those businesses can inform potential customers about the promotional offers and campaigns and create awareness. The right digital marketing strategy does not only increase brand loyalty and customer trust but also has a positive impact on return on investment (ROI).

If you are a young professional looking to learn about digital marketing in Mauritius, there are some courses available in Mauritius. You have to be equipped with the know-how, the experience, and the insights to be able to start and adapt in this fast-paced industry. The end game is you becoming a skilled Digital Marketing Professional, capable of building a strategic digital campaign from scratch.

Here are a few basic courses you should look into:

Basics of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Paid Ads using Google Ads

Website Optimization

Analytics using Google Analytics

Display & Video Advertising

There are also many free online sources which you can access to get some knowledge about digital marketing, do not hesitate to browse for:

· Podcasts

· Articles

· Webinars

· Expert Walkthroughs

· eBooks

· Case Studies

· Exclusive Interviews

· Presentations

· Free Short Courses

· Audio Books

· Audio Case Studies

· Audio Interviews

· Community Forum

There are more and more digital marketing professionals in Mauritius who are now posting content relevant to the business arena in Mauritius, so do not hesitate to look for them and read about their experiences as local case studies are as important as international ones.


Ground Zero Concepts are an Australian and Mauritian based company that offers complete digital marketing services with your return on investment our priority. We understand that each business is unique and our creative strategies always deliver! From accounting website designs to beauty salon website designs, we do it all!

Website Designs

GZC offers the best graphic design websites using the latest technology. Our designs are user-friendly and are created for everyone.

Google SEO

Our digital marketing services focuses on the minor detail! What’s the point of a great website if it has no traffic? We know how to get you clicks!

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing is the most powerful way of connecting and building an online audience. Let us connect you!

Other Digital Solutions

No matter what your IT problems may be, our digital marketing services can help you to find the right solution. Call us for a free quote.


We offer the best website designs that look and function consistently on all devices. Our digital marketing specialists are here to deliver you the highest quality website design. 

search engine optimisation mauritius

“Recognising the need is the primary condition for design.” – Charles Eames



We have many website designs to help guide you. Simply let us know which website design or elements you like!






Our digital marketing strategists only use White Hat SEO techniques that guarantee results! We are masters in marketing online and always deliver amazing results. We are you online digital marketing experts!

We put in the hard work and focus on the detail. We don’t believe in shortcuts! We are your online marketing rockstars without the huge price-tag!

local seo services


Get connected and discovered with the most powerful social media marketing platforms! Ask about our social media marketing agency pricing and packages. We are one of the most reliable social media marketing companies that you could find!

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google

Facebook remains the most powerful social media platform with over 1.3 billion people logging on per day

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google, SEO mauritius

Linkedin is a great way to promote your company to business and employment-orientated users.

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google, Affordable SEO

The number one social network for microblogging. Twitter is perfect for short informative posts

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google, Search Engine Optmisation

Visually share and find new interests by posting on Pinterest. An inspiring way to express your business

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google, Cheap SEO

Youtube is an exciting digital avenue that allows potential clients to connect with your business

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google, Social Marketing

Tumblr is a unique blogging social network. Another great way to share your content with like-minded followers

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google, Fast SEO

A picture tells a thousand words! Gain new clients via Instagram with a visual insight to your business

Facebook, Seo, Mauritius, Sydney, Google, SERP

Not just great for a laugh, TikTok also offers creative ways to expand your business using short videos


Contact us to see real live examples! 


Send us a message to discuss your options. We can offer you a FREE assessment of your business and provide you with many different avenues for growth. From our professional UX design websites to any possible website design and digital marketing service, we can do it all! 


Contact us to visit our office by appointment only. We are located at Royal Road, C05 2N Block 18, Coromandel, Beau Bassin, 71608, Mauritius.

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Digital Marketing Mauritius
Facebook Management Mauritius
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That there are approximately 5.9 billion searches per day on Google! You’re missing out!

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