FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have

 WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? We are an international company based in Australia. We also have an office in Mauritius and service all countries.

WE HAVE A PROJECT NOT LISTED ON YOUR WEBSITE. CAN YOU STILL HELP? Yes. Ground Zero Concepts have solutions for all I.T problems. We have a network of specialists in all fields.  

WHAT IS ROI? Return on Investment. GZC aims at building long-term relationships with our clients. Our focus is to return your investment and introduce a new revenue stream into your business. 

HOW ARE YOUR SERVICES SO AFFORDABLE? Our business is structured to keep costs low.  Again, our aim is to build long term relationships, not just quick profits. 

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT FROM OTHER ONLINE MARKETING COMPANIES? Our attention to detail! We believe in the small things and not taking shortcuts. I.T is such an in-depth field where big things come from the smaller pieces. Shortcuts and cutting corners can often affect the general growth of any online business. We believe in doing it right or not doing it at all!  

DO YOU SUPPLY ROYALTY FREE STOCK IMAGES? Yes. All of our campaigns abide by all governing laws. We only use unique royalty free images that we have the rights for. 

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SETUP OUR NEW WEBSITE AND MARKETING CAMPAIGN? Each business/campaign is different but usually, setup is done within 7 to 21 days. 

WHY DO YOU CHARGE A SETUP FEE? The success of an online marketing campaign depends on the setup. The setup fee cannot be waived as this involves hours of research, design, troubleshooting and more. If a campaign is not setup correctly it will affect your results in the long run. 

WHAT IF WE DECIDE TO ALTER OUR CAMPAIGN AS OUR BUSINESS CHANGES? We understand that all businesses go through changes and we are here to work with you. We are a very flexible and understanding company. 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY YOU’RE AN OFFICAL GOOGLE PARTNER? We have a long-term relationship with account managers at Google that offer us support and recognise us as a trusted partner. 

HOW MANY YEARS OF MARKETING EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE? We have been involved in advertising, sales and marketing for over 20 years. 

DO YOU OFFER UNIQUE COPYRIGHT CONTENT? Our campaigns would never deliver results with copied content. All content is created by professional writers and is 100% unique and copyright. 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY WHITE HAT SEO? We create your campaign to get you, real customers, not just to please the search engines. 

HOW DO WE SIGN UP/GET AN OFFICAL QUOTE? Please fill in our form on our contact us page or email us directly at We will contact you usually within 24 hours with an official proposal. 

Interesting Fact

2017 will mark the first time digital ad spending surpasses TV ad spending. TV ad spending will total $72.01 billion, while digital ad spending will climb to $77.37 billion.